Show Your Work


Left hand person drawing with right hand.

Today is interactive.
Show me what you got in the comments.
Mine can be interpreted as a cat.
A cat with A RighT written in it.
Who knows.
Brain was off.


World Peace


Circle; This is an abstract of elements of my life.  The bicycle that becomes balloons that becomes a master plan perspective of trees that cast a tree shadow.

Space travel.
The trip to Mars is successful.
Every country in the world decides to join on the voyage of space.
All the Sci-fi movies are suddenly becoming a semi-reality.
Suddenly while exploring space, an alien species is discovered.
Surprisingly, Humans are the superior more advanced race.
Humans realize the Universe is much larger than their little space on Earth.
Everyone joins together to further space exploration.
The Earth unites as one becoming a single country.
All the great minds come together to advance the civilization even further.
Suddenly everyone is now just ‘human.’
Not black, white, asian, hispanic, man, woman, young, old, rich, poor.

Then and only then will we achieve world peace.
A common purpose.

Shit We Think but Won’t Say


Two Birds of a Feather; Literal abstract interpretation of the famous saying ‘two birds of a feather’

*Warning, you may be offended by the following content*

Why do people still believe in God?
Can we not simply agree it was man-made to answer the unknown questions?
It is quite frankly a primitive concept.

Men and women will never be equal.
It is physically impossible, so quit trying.

Everyone has turned in to a care bear.
You can’t have a simple conversation without someone getting offended.
The great thing about individuality is we can express our opinions.
The bad thing is we cannot say it without consequence.

Race is not a choice.
Gender is not a choice.
Geographic location of birth is not a choice.
You don’t make that choice.
You are born from two people who decided to have sex.
So why do people judge each other on these things?

There are too many people in the world.
When a natural disaster or a war occurs,
A part of me thinks ‘good riddance.’

If you are easily offended by words,
Try decreasing your vocabulary.

Men, just because you have a dick does not entitle you to use it.
Women, just because you have tits does not entitle you to use them.

A good majority of the population should never have children.
Yes, accidents happen, if that is the case,
Give the child to people who can care for it.

Just because you are a certain race or gender
does not mean you must follow every stereotype they do.
Be yourself, not what the world wants you to be.

Fat people should not exist.
If you say you are fat because you are depressed,
that is complete bull shit.
You are depressed because you are fat and probably eat shit.

Women, if you wear tight clothes or show skin,
do not be offended when you are ogled at.
If you don’t want people looking at you,
consider your fashion choices before leaving home.

Men, when you see something you like
keep it to yourself.
We know.






Indiana Roots;  This is the story of my Indiana heritage.  Have lived here my entire life and that is part of the problem.  Appreciate where you come from, but get out while you can.


Do you ever feel like you contribute nothing to the future existence of humanity?
And that your very existence is just taking up space.
The Earth is massive , but the actual land that we can live off of is very limited.
No friends, no family, no children, no future prospects.
Just me and my two cats.
Working jobs that make no real impact on society.
Making art that doesn’t seem to inspire.

Actually waking up some days and saying out loud:

‘What am I actually here for?  If I don’t plan on having children, I am not looking for a job to further science development, space travel, technology, or culture.  What is my actual purpose outside taking up space and paying taxes to a government I don’t even fully trust has my back anymore.’

It is a hard question to answer.
As a human being, what is my purpose?
Would like to think that some day, somehow, one of my art works will be discovered and become famous and go on for hundreds of years of history as a masterpiece.

But who are we kidding?
We are just a small blip in history.
Do what you can while you are here before it is all over.
That is what they tell us to think, right?

Suppose the only thing you can do is keep going until something great happens.

…or you die.



Treasure; This is a map to my treasure.  If I told you any more, I would be telling you where to find my treasure.

Cherish every moment.
Treasure the memories and appreciate the time.
Use the world around you as inspiration.
Travel is the best thing an artist can do.
Yeah, I know, you probably don’t like to leave the home.

Thought Vomit.
I am full of thoughts and ideas to create a blog from.
Unfortunately it is rushing to my head to quickly and I cannot think straight.
Reality versus fantasy.
What is real and what is fake becomes a blur.
That blur is where imagination and creativity live.

Treasure knowledge.
Everything can be taken from you.
Except for knowledge.

Thought Vomit.
Weary is my mind that it blurs the line of reality among the virtual space that clouds my mind.  Fuck.



Mother Nature:  The image is an abstraction of Mother Nature.  I created the sun swirling in to the sky.  The sun is her hair, the sky is her dress and then the cloud to add balance.  This is a potential logo design for a commission, 30 minute drawing.

That is something we most certainly are not.
As defined with no special or distinctive features; normal.
That is something we wish we could be.
Instead we are tormented by emotion, driven by passion, creative to a fault.
To be creative is to be EXTRAordinary.
As defined very unusual or remarkable.

As defined relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas.
Lies.  There is no such thing as an original idea.
If you think you are the first to think it, you lie to yourself.
The world is made up of billions of people.
It isn’t about originality, it is about the best copy.
Copy your favorite inspirations and interpret them your special way.

As defined a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking.
You have surrounded yourself with knowledge.
You see the world different from others.
Act on that instinct inside you to guide your hand.
EMBRACE the weird.
Take everything you know and focus it to a point.
Unleash your Creative Instinct.