Treasure; This is a map to my treasure.  If I told you any more, I would be telling you where to find my treasure.

Cherish every moment.
Treasure the memories and appreciate the time.
Use the world around you as inspiration.
Travel is the best thing an artist can do.
Yeah, I know, you probably don’t like to leave the home.

Thought Vomit.
I am full of thoughts and ideas to create a blog from.
Unfortunately it is rushing to my head to quickly and I cannot think straight.
Reality versus fantasy.
What is real and what is fake becomes a blur.
That blur is where imagination and creativity live.

Treasure knowledge.
Everything can be taken from you.
Except for knowledge.

Thought Vomit.
Weary is my mind that it blurs the line of reality among the virtual space that clouds my mind.  Fuck.


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