Shit We Think but Won’t Say


Two Birds of a Feather; Literal abstract interpretation of the famous saying ‘two birds of a feather’

*Warning, you may be offended by the following content*

Why do people still believe in God?
Can we not simply agree it was man-made to answer the unknown questions?
It is quite frankly a primitive concept.

Men and women will never be equal.
It is physically impossible, so quit trying.

Everyone has turned in to a care bear.
You can’t have a simple conversation without someone getting offended.
The great thing about individuality is we can express our opinions.
The bad thing is we cannot say it without consequence.

Race is not a choice.
Gender is not a choice.
Geographic location of birth is not a choice.
You don’t make that choice.
You are born from two people who decided to have sex.
So why do people judge each other on these things?

There are too many people in the world.
When a natural disaster or a war occurs,
A part of me thinks ‘good riddance.’

If you are easily offended by words,
Try decreasing your vocabulary.

Men, just because you have a dick does not entitle you to use it.
Women, just because you have tits does not entitle you to use them.

A good majority of the population should never have children.
Yes, accidents happen, if that is the case,
Give the child to people who can care for it.

Just because you are a certain race or gender
does not mean you must follow every stereotype they do.
Be yourself, not what the world wants you to be.

Fat people should not exist.
If you say you are fat because you are depressed,
that is complete bull shit.
You are depressed because you are fat and probably eat shit.

Women, if you wear tight clothes or show skin,
do not be offended when you are ogled at.
If you don’t want people looking at you,
consider your fashion choices before leaving home.

Men, when you see something you like
keep it to yourself.
We know.




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