Indiana Roots;  This is the story of my Indiana heritage.  Have lived here my entire life and that is part of the problem.  Appreciate where you come from, but get out while you can.


Do you ever feel like you contribute nothing to the future existence of humanity?
And that your very existence is just taking up space.
The Earth is massive , but the actual land that we can live off of is very limited.
No friends, no family, no children, no future prospects.
Just me and my two cats.
Working jobs that make no real impact on society.
Making art that doesn’t seem to inspire.

Actually waking up some days and saying out loud:

‘What am I actually here for?  If I don’t plan on having children, I am not looking for a job to further science development, space travel, technology, or culture.  What is my actual purpose outside taking up space and paying taxes to a government I don’t even fully trust has my back anymore.’

It is a hard question to answer.
As a human being, what is my purpose?
Would like to think that some day, somehow, one of my art works will be discovered and become famous and go on for hundreds of years of history as a masterpiece.

But who are we kidding?
We are just a small blip in history.
Do what you can while you are here before it is all over.
That is what they tell us to think, right?

Suppose the only thing you can do is keep going until something great happens.

…or you die.