World Peace


Circle; This is an abstract of elements of my life.  The bicycle that becomes balloons that becomes a master plan perspective of trees that cast a tree shadow.

Space travel.
The trip to Mars is successful.
Every country in the world decides to join on the voyage of space.
All the Sci-fi movies are suddenly becoming a semi-reality.
Suddenly while exploring space, an alien species is discovered.
Surprisingly, Humans are the superior more advanced race.
Humans realize the Universe is much larger than their little space on Earth.
Everyone joins together to further space exploration.
The Earth unites as one becoming a single country.
All the great minds come together to advance the civilization even further.
Suddenly everyone is now just ‘human.’
Not black, white, asian, hispanic, man, woman, young, old, rich, poor.

Then and only then will we achieve world peace.
A common purpose.